People Analytics Training with Gene Pease

Join this training program today and transform your HR reporting to descriptive and predictive analytics 


Here’s What We’ll Cover

We’ll show you everything you need to know about getting started with people analytics.


What is people analytics and why is it so important today? 

Analytics shows unique insights that can help people become more engaged and productive, and enable better decision making in an organization. This training program will help you learn people analytics basics and enable you to overcome obstacles to getting started.

Why does every HR professional need to understand people analytics?

With big data driving all the innovations in technology, performance management, and end-user experience, it's no surprise that the HR function is also leveraging data and analytics techniques to improve and optimize the people side of the business. People analytics expertise is one of the most highly prized skill sets today, and this training program will help you boost your career opportunities.

How to get started?

We understand that most HR professionals don’t know how to get started, and often feel a bit intimidated by data and analytics. Recognize that you don't have to be a data analyst or a statistician to do this work, you will simply need their help. Bring your curiosity, and this training program will teach you the rest.

Learn from award-winning analytics pioneer

Gene Pease has written three books on people analytics and performance management and has helped companies and individuals adopt an analytics-led approach to improvements in workforce performance for last 25 years. 

Gene has taken that knowledge to develop this course. It can get you started in descriptive and predictive analytics using a proven framework and methodology that he has perfected over the past decade. 

Gene will walk you through step-by-step and will prepare you to embrace data and analytics. 

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